January 2018

Yes, Bad Sex is That Bad

Most women who are or have been sexually active seem to have at least one "bad sex" story, if not several. The pressure, the coersion (yep, that's rape), the pain and the gritting your teeth just to get through it only to cry in the shower or bleed or feel shame hours or days later or even for weeks at a time... It's something too many of us know too well yet none of us wants to discuss it.

Larry Nassar to Rot in Jail

The #metoo campaign has been doing some great things for the national conversation about sex abuse and in the case of Larry Nassar, the USA Gymnastics team doctor who was just convicted on multiple accounts of sexual abuse, it's also helped achieve justice where its due, which also helps prevent predators from hurting more people. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina had no reservations sentencing him "to his death" in jail for up to 175 years for his crimes.

Hypocrisy in Action?

If you caught the Golden Globes last week, you know that the Time's Up campaign was heavily featured between the actresses who wore black and took activists as their dates to the men who (didn't say much about the campaign, but...) wore pins as support. David Harbour actually pointed to his pin as if inviting to be asked about it but men simply weren't interviewed about the campaign.