November 2017

Free Cyntoia Brown

How many women are we going to see imprisoned for crimes they committed after a lifetime of abuse, neglect, rape and crimes committed against them that went unaddressed for years? It seems like we hear of these cases all of the time while less than 10% of rapists will see a day in jail (and those who do just go on to get out early, repeat their crimes and ruin more lives). When we come across a case of a person who was sex trafficked and abused from an early age until the day his or her crimes were committed, it should definitely give us pause rather than have us send them to jail.

Blake Shelton is Sexy?

Normally I don't care much about who's voted for sexiest whatever, but this one has me marveling at the irony. It's like even our tastes have taken a backwards turn. Those memes about Black Shelton winning "Sexiest Man of the Year" being like America getting the electoral college selection instead of the popular vote are so spot on. Many people (including me) thought that Idris Elba should've had the title, but perhaps culture reflects leadership.

Egyptian Talk Show Host Goes to Jail

Doaa Salah, an Egyptian talk show host, was recently sentenced to three years in jail for addressing a taboo subject on television. In Egypt, having a child when you're not married is scandalous, and by suggesting ways that a woman could possibly have a child outside of marriage, Salah, who wore a prosthetic stomach at the time, gave women advice about how to be successful single mothers.