July 2017

Sex Robots Encourage Rape

The existence of a sex robot is already problematic in some ways in and of itself. While it may seem like simple fun for some people, it can further the idea that women (and men) are objects to be used however a person wishes, without taking any of your sex partner's feelings into account. And while even that might still not warrant too much concern (after all, the objectification occurs everywhere else), now there are more concerns to be had.

Education Official Says Most Rapes Are Just Cases of Drunken Sex

These people just keep coming out of the woodwork. Does anyone else wonder if we'll ever have a day without Trump saying something embarrassing, some terrible legislation pushed at us or some clown like this person saying something completely false and outrageous? It seems like there hasn't been one day without at least one of these things so far in 2017.

Model Schools Fat Shamer, Goes Viral

The Internet is buzzing with the story of plus size model Natalie Hage and the man who texted some pretty mean things about her during a flight. After seeing him text about how she "ate a Mexican" and could be the reason why his flight would not take off to his friend, she informed him about how rude and hateful his behavior was and how it affected her.