June 2017

Republicans Vote to Let Women Murder

Have you heard about how New Hampshire Republicans have voted to allow women to legally commit murder? They just passed a bill outlawing an abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy, which, while ridiculous, is not uncommon. Many states are doing this. I know lots of older progressives who tell me that the right to choose will never be taken away, but they just haven't been paying attention to how hard it is to get an abortion now, nor to how many laws are restricting abortion now. 

Matriarchal Societies Still Exist

We talk about matriarchal societies as if they all used to exist hundreds or even thousands of years ago. While that is technically true, that implies that they no longer exist, which is far from the truth. There are several matriarchal societies that continue to operate today, and although they are smaller and in some cases dying out, they seem to offer a much more simple, peaceful existance for their members. In the Mosuo tribe, which lives in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, both bloodlines and power are carried through the women of the tribe.

Are Women Most Like Men on Their Periods?

Cic men have often complained that cis women are cranky and difficult to get along with when they are menstruating, to say the least. Jokes about menstruation are peppered throughout our culture. Councilmen on Parks and Recreation track the menstral cycles of the women on the council (in the rare cases that they even have women on the council) and old-fashioned wives' tales about periods still persist even in 2017.