November 2015

The value of "emotional labor"

The final frontier of labor inequality?
I have been reading a lot of articles lately about "emotional labor," which is this huge category of things that women are expected to do, be, and fix, because according to society, that is our role. Women are expected to be pleasant, to be good listeners, to care about other people's feelings, to be supportive. This is all exhausting stuff, but it's a burden that is heaped upon us all day long.

New Canadian Prime Minister introduces gender parity in his cabinet

Way to go, Canada!
Canada's newest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already making waves, when he announced that his 31 cabinet members will, for the first time in Canadian history, be 50% female. Trudeau had promised gender parity during his election, and when asked why half his cabinet was female, Trudeau answered, "Because it's 2015."