October 2012

Food consumption while menstruating

Do you avoid the bad stuff?

If like me, you believe PMS is real, and have experienced it, then you probably would give just about anything to get rid of all the nasty symptoms.  I am not sure if you can ever fully eliminate all PMS symptoms. However, it is possible to lessen the awful PMS symptoms, but it does come at a price. You would need to say no to certain foods and drinks during that time of the month.

Don’t cook for him

Let him cook for you.

In my life, I have met a lot of females who like to show their love and appreciation with food.  In a way, it makes sense.  The first female most people come into contact with is their mother.  And mothers are known for showing their love by cooking and serving food to their families.  So it is not hard to see why girls would grow up believing that the best way to a guy’s heart is through the stomach.  Unfortunately, it does not always seem to work.