December 2011

Fallacies About Men and Cleaning: Don’t Buy Into It

I’m not bashing men here, although the title may suggest that. In fact, I think that women often contribute to the fallacy that men just “can’t” clean and don’t notice messes in the same way that women do. Now, people are different and I’m not saying that some or many men don’t actually do those things. I just don’t think it’s a gender thing.

Disney's Newest Princess: Sofia

Little girls don't need another "princess" rolemodel.

Disney just announced a new kind of princess to their plethora of ladies in tiaras. In contrast with adult princesses like Jasmine and Cinderella, Princess Sofia the First is a child. Sofia’s key market is little kids ages two to seven, and her movie is set to hit theaters next fall. She will then move into the small screen with her own series on the Disney Channel in spring 2013.

Why Do Women Get Stuck Buying and Wrapping Gifts?

I’m speaking in generalities here, but in so many couples, it seems like the women get taxed with the job of buying gifts, even if it’s for the husband’s family. Again, I know that it isn’t the case for everyone. In my own situation and relationship, it doesn’t work that way at all. We both shop and wrap for the gift recipients. But, in so many situations, why do women get stuck buying and wrapping the gifts?

The War on Drugs: Successful in Raising Female Incarceration Rates

"Women have been adversely affected by the war on drugs."

Women are about 20% less likely to be convicted of a violent crime in comparison to men. Women are more likely to be convicted of a drug or property crime by approximately the same amount. Yet, the incarceration of women over the past few decades has increased by over 500%! Whether you agree with the war on drugs or not, there is a real epidemic of women being incarcerated and families being destroyed because of it.