April 2010

Why Do Women Always Take The Rap For Overpopulation?

The Times Online has a horrifying article about women in Uzbekistan, who are increasingly opting to give birth at home, because Uzbek doctors are sterilizing women on the sly, without their consent.  

This program of silent sterilization was enacted by president Islam Karimov, and is "is aimed at keeping down the country's poor population."  Doctors are given quotas of sterilizations they must perform per month, and a local human rights organization estimates that about 5,000 women have been sterilized in the past two months.

Border House Finds Where All The Womenfolk Went

Gaming blog Border House has been looking into the issue of where all the women are in Gears of War and Mass Effect.  Several developers have been quoted over the last few months saying that it's too much work to animate female game characters, or that women wouldn't be strong enough to carry the, I don't know, ridiculously oversized weaponry.  (Are men?  I mean, seriously - have you seen the guns these guys are theoretically RUNNING with?)

A correspondent has finally found the answer.  Put simply, the women are apparently all holed up giving birth and stuff.  Both Mass Effect and Gears of War take place on a depopulated Earth ravaged by invaders.  With so few humans remaining, the menfolk go out to fight the monsters, while the womenfolk stay home and incubate.

Stop The Presses! Media Obsessed With Other Women's Grooming Habits!

From the first time I laid eyes on the picture of Amanda Palmer "and guest" at the Golden Globes, I knew that someone somewhere would find a way to make noise about it.  (Her guest is none other than megasuperstar author Neil Gaiman, who was simply identified as "and guest" for the first week or so after the pictures were released.)

But of course, Amanda Palmer makes a living by being shocking.  Or at least startling.  And she's a musician, and musicians are apparently held up to a different set of beauty standards?  At least, that is the explanation I've heard for the lack of outrage.  Even those Masters of Outrage, Go Fug Yourself, were only outraged by her behavior and seemingly couldn't care less about her unshaven armpits.