Yes, Bad Sex is That Bad

And it needs to be addressed

Most women who are or have been sexually active seem to have at least one "bad sex" story, if not several. The pressure, the coersion (yep, that's rape), the pain and the gritting your teeth just to get through it only to cry in the shower or bleed or feel shame hours or days later or even for weeks at a time... It's something too many of us know too well yet none of us wants to discuss it.

#metoo was only the tip of the iceberg. We're tired and fed up and we are NOT having this world for our daughters. Watching so many people with internalized misogyny, particularly white women, elect one of the most sexist morons to have ever lived seems to have been the final straw for many of us. No more violence. No more sucking it up and taking it.

We're standing up for our sisters of all colors and abilities and genders, we're not accepting the status quo as "boys will be boys" anymore and we sure as heck are not letting these things go unstate anymore. It's high time for the world to wake up to womanhood.

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