Why don't men believe women?

Is it a disbelief thing or a trust issue?

This morning I was reading a thread on Facebook and getting very angry. That's all Facebook is good for, right? In the thread, women were sharing stories about how they'd been denied sterilization because doctors told them they were too young to make up their minds about not having children--even in their 40s!

Men were jumping on saying they didn't believe the women, because of course they did. I just don't understand why men fail to believe women so often! I've been lied to by men just as often as women (maybe moreso), and given that there are more male politicians than female ones, you'd think that men would at least not believe women at the same rate they don't believe men. It seems rather uneven.

Having been denied sterilization at age 24 myself after a life-threatening pregnancy that nearly killed both my daughter and me (even the doctors who delivered her said we shouldn't try to get pregnant again because the risk was too high), I can vouch for this to be true. Maybe living as a woman is just so incomprehensible that men can't believe it, so they don't believe women as a result.

Have you had experiences like this when you share a story? Tell us about it in the chat.



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