When Women Hurt So Men Can Feel Good

It's a phenomenon that many men don't even dream of...

Did you know that 30% of women report pain during vaginal sex and over 70% have pain during anal sex? The numbers are likely higher, given how many women "suck it up" and "take one for the team" with a partner. Many women experience anything from discomfort to outright excrutiating pain that can even last for days during consensual sex and their partners don't even know about it.

When asked about what bad sex means to them, men often report someone unresponsive during sex; they don't imagine anything painful or dangerous. They have no idea that their partner is feeling pain, hoping he'll hurry so she can take a sitz bath or some pain medicine. It's time to not only speak up about these things but to make sure the world is aware that they are happening.

Do you talk to your partner about sexual pain? How do you approach the situation? Share your tips and stories in the chat.

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