Thousands of Cases of Child Abuse

So what do we do?

It's beginning to feel as if the news is so terrible and disheartening on a daily basis that there's just nothing we can do anymore but watch the world burn. I refuse to believe this, and I'll make my calls and petition and vote and phonebank until I'm in tears (as I often am, between my anxiety and the angry people I speak with), but honestly we think we make a little progress with one thing and BAM, a man gets a court to say a fetus has the rights to sue a woman for aborting it, and BAM thousands of sexual assaults are carried out on migrant and refugee children. What do we even do?

The powerlessness is all-consuming, but the new members of the House do give me hope. No matter what we do, it's almost impossible to make progress without someone who supports you serving in office, and everywhere around me I'm surrounded by politicians who, in my gerry-mandered district, simply don't care about anything important and want to make things worse for us as long as it lines their pockets.

What do you do when the world feels like it's burning around you? How do you refresh yourself and get back into the battle every day? And what on earth are we going to do about these kids who may never even be reuinted with their families?

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