Those Insta Pics Are Fake

And you need to remind yourself every day

We all know how airbrushed models in ads, billboards and magazines look so much more amazing than women in real life, and how women in films have entire makeup teams dedicated to making them look incredible. That's why we need to remind ourselves that many Instagram photos that we see also happen to be fake. This is especially true if you have young, impressionable teens at home who don't see the difference, and it's certainly not enough to point it out once. It needs to be a daily habit. 

Show your teen this set of photos that are clearly doctored once you take a second look and really spend some time looking at them yourself. Two belly buttons, for real? There's no way, which means the model is also clearly doctored in the photo. No matter how big of an influencer someone might be, their pics can always be doctored and it's important to remember that before you begin making comparisons. Hopefully you don't do that already, but if you do... look at these pics again.

What's the worst doctored image you've seen online? Share it in the chat!

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