This Week in Women's News

Laugh and cry! All at once!

Isn't it the best and worst time to be a woman? We can vote, and work, and wear pants, but the greatest threat to our lives and safety isn't cancer or heart disease but... men. Our bodies are regulated to the extreme, we're judged no matter what we do and look like, and if we enter the world of politics, our hairstyle and dance moves are examined more closely than our policies. Fun! This week in women's news...

Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has previously served in prison for helping women, was just sentenced to 148 lashes and 38 years in prison for ridiculing her "Supreme Leader," among other things. Soutoudeh is famous for defending women who refuse to wear their head scarves. This is outrageous and if you run across a way to help her please do post it in the chat.

Men are explaining everything from periods to our vulvas and boy am I glad we have them around to tell us what we don't know. Aren't you?

An Alabama judge just granted a fetus the right to sue the woman who aborted it via its sperm donor. Trump's America, everyone. This is reckless and dangerous for us all.

Speaking of mansplaining, this guy tried to explain why the Punisher doesn't smile... to Gail Simone. LOLSOB

What horrors have you read this week? Share or mock them in the chat.


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