Stop Using Abortion to Vote for Candidates Against Your Interests

Why vote on the issues at all?

Abortion restrictions exist in every state, despite people telling me things like, "Oh, Roe won't ever be turned over again." Oh no? Not with justices like Brett Kavanaugh and politicians like Donald Trump swearing that's what they want, not to mention SO MANY VOTERS voting JUST against abortion during the elections? Women already have to jump through hoops to meet requirements, get appointments, go through waiting periods and ultrasounds and high costs, many of which aren't covered by medical insurance, often in order to save their own lives, and for what? For evangelicals to shame the crap out of them?

Where I live in the Midwest, people just voted in a senator who is against every measure they voted for. They were against Right to Work, for raising the minimum wage, for making marijuana legal for medical use, etc. These measures all passed. But they voted in a man who was against everything they voted for! Why? Because he was the anti-choice candidate. Ladies, you need to stop voting for what your preacher or husband tells you to vote for and start voting in your own best interests if you ever want to get out of this deep, dark hole.

What issue do you see people only voting for in your area?

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