Stop Saying You're Colorblind

Hold up your sisters

Black women are seething over white women and boy do they have a good reason. Not only have white women excluded black women from the table since pretty much forever, ignoring them in terms of feminist issues and the unique and even more systemic prejudice, abuse and oppression rooted in color, but they've also let them down as Black women have carried progressive vote after progressive vote while white women continue to vote for their own best interests. While it's true that there are white women who only vote for whom their husbands tell them to--which is sickening but true; I know several women like this--the majority are merely attempting to vote for candidates who will continue to support their own lifestyles, keeping them in positions of power even as they, too, are oppressed. At least we're not on the bottom rung though, amirite white ladies?

This is total crap and we all know it. It's high time to stop going with the flow, being so "basic" and crying Nice White Lady tears while we insist that we only MEAN WELL. Ugh. Stop saying you're colorblind. Not only does it make you sound stupid (unless you're truly colorblind), but it means you're actively ignoring the oppression of your Black sisters, oppression in which you, we, not only help maintain but enforce ourselves whether it's intentional or not. Educating yourself to be a better accomplice rather than ally is a good place to start but honestly we're always going to need to learn more and do better.

It's totally okay to make mistakes but you have to learn from them. How have you learned to be a better accomplice this year? What do you think other white women should do in order to do the same? How do you continue to learn and grow as an activist? 

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