Stop Dissing Captain Marvel!

Chill out y'all, the movie's not even out yet

Is anyone else super sick of whiny people leaving reviews for products that they've never even used? I've seen people leave one-star reviews on all kinds of products because the color was wrong, or the packaging wasn't great, or instructions weren't clear. Seriously? What is wrong with you? I'm no fan of the word snowflake... but y'all are snowflakes.

So are the people leaving early reviews of Captain Marvel before they've even seen the film, just as the people who did the same for Ghostbusters and the new Star Wars movies were. Are you really that insecure? A woman terrifies you that much? Maybe try talking to one and you'll find that they, too, are human beings and they, too, can punch bad guys, make witty one-liners and look awesome in Marvel gear. Most of us are beyond excited to see this movie, especially since Marvel's really been stepping it up since Thor: Ragnorak, and those of us who've demanded a woman in a titular movie are finally getting one. Better late than never, I guess, and at least Rotten Tomatoes is now banning users reviewing movies before they've even been released to the public to see.

Still, that's not going to stop the trolls from whining under bridges. Imagine being so privileged that you do this to movies that counter your worldview instead of using your rage to fight against, oh, genocide, or child soldiers, or human trafficking.

Are you going to see Captain Marvel?

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