Simone Biles Rocks Our Socks Off

As she should!

After recalling the hullabaloo surrounding Mark McGwire's home run streak in St. Louis during my teen years, it blows my mind to see so many shrug off the accomplishments of Simone Biles. Is it because it's not a sport like baseball and football where you can go and cheer her on? Is it because she's a woman, or because she's black? Whatever the reason, it feels like this incredible athlete really isn't getting the recognition that she deserves, and I cringe at some of the comments I've read about her online.

Biles has confidence, and maybe that's what rubs so many people the wrong way. When she says she's the best at something, it's a simple fact and not her ego. She's proven it. Confidence is typically viewed as a masculine quality, and many insecure people, such as the president, often can't handle a woman who exhibits the trait. 

I celebrate Simone Biles and I hope you to, too. If you follow sports at home be sure to include her in your talks, especially with your kids! What do you think of her accomplishments?

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