Showing Kids They're Loved

And other people, too!

We often talk about horrendous things happening in our government that affect women here lately, and while that's so important, so is making sure we remember important things like love and kindness in our lives. I ran across this list of 101 ways to help show how much you love your kids, and while I love it, I think much of it could apply to everyone in our lives.

Whether it's making up goofy songs about one another, cooking together, writing love notes or many of the other suggestions here, I think we could use a lot more of all of these things in the world. Spreading awareness is so important, but so is spreading love and joy, which is why I've decided to wear my Free Mom Hugs shirt to every Pride event from now on--and then some.

How are you spreading more love in the world today, and if you need more love, how could you find it? Be kind to each other and to yourself. 

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