Sexually Harassed Teen Punished at School

Basically for being female

Did you hear about the student who was asked to put on another shirt at school because her form was "distracting" to the boys in class? Yes, she was pulled out of class for not wearing a bra, while the boys weren't pulled out to be told to stop ogling. It gets worse. When the 17-year-old put on another shirt, she was asked to "jump around" to see what it would look like before being told to put band-aids over her nipples from the school nurse.

This is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS. Instead of teaching the boys where to put their eyes, this girl was humiliated and shamed for not wearing an optional garment that did not truly defy the school dress code, nor should it. Bras are uncomfortable, provide minimal benefits and some harms, and should only be worn by those who truly wish to wear them. Plenty of boys have nipples or breasts as large as girls but are not asked to cover up. What's more is that by asking her to jump around to assess her breast movement, the school sexually harassed this girl and I hope she and her guardians press charges.

What other ridiculous stories have you read about lately regarding sexism?



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