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A double decker bus into a homeless shelter

We hear so many terrible stories that it's quite nice when we hear one about people helping people, like these two women in the UK who turned a double decker bus into a shelter for homeless people.  They led a group making many retired vehicles into warm shelters for homeless people who need them on cold nights, including their Stagecoach bus outfitted with not only a dozen bunk beds, but a kitchen and lounge area, too!

It's the kind of story we not only need to hear but emulate in every community, especially when we hear about terrible happenings in some cities where park benchs and overpasses are outfitted with spikes to prevent homeless people from seeking shelter there for the night. It's absolutely inhuman to condemn people to die in the cold like this and it's shameful that our lawmakers are spearheading the action.

Have you read about any other great things women are up to lately, or other endeavors to help provide shelter to people? Share them in the chat!

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