The Right Hates Women

At this point I feel like asking the UN for aid

It has never been more painfully clear that the Right hates women with a passion. By criminalizing abortion, not only are they condemning women and other people with uteri with life-altering circumstances, poverty, sex shaming and the sole responsibility for pregnancy (which is caused not by sex but by sperm; plenty of people have sex without sperm and do not get pregnant), but with death itself. Maternal mortality rates--which aren't event tracked in some of these anti-choice, pro-birther states--are high enough to be a real concern, but so are the many health complications that arise from pregnancy, from long-term illnesses to injuries that change one's life forever. Adoption or not (which is a laugh, given the thousands of kids already in the system), pregnancy changes your body forever and they simply do. Not. Care.

I stress women here and not people with uteri, who are also affected, because that is whom the Republicans are targeting, and they've been working on this scheme for decades with gerrymandering, judicial stacking, slow hacking at reproductive rights (that's the phrase to use rather than women's rights, by the way, since it's not only women who are affected) and other tactics over the years--not to mention outright lying, denying medical information and spreading lies, such as the ability to re-implant an ectopic pregnancy. Don't they know how many pregnant people have already been devasted by losses like those who would've done anything to be able to do that? And people of color with uteri are set to hurt the most. 

This is a woman-hater's dream: it will take away our right to vote if convicted. It will keep us "barefoot and pregnant," and much less available to hold them accountable for their actions. It will keep us dying while simultaneously providing more poor, disenfranchised children to become soldiers and payers into the system. In a time when a rapist will get less, if any, jail time over his own victim, and women who say yes to sex cannot revoke consent even if her partner becomes scary or mean during the act, it must be good to be a woman-hater.

How are you subverting the dominant paradigm this week? Share us your actions and give us hope in the chat.

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