Reporter Presses Charges Against Sexual Batterer

Yes, that's what someone who touches you without consent is

When you slap someone's butt without their permission, it's sexual battery, end of story. Would you slap a man across the face just running by? No? Why not? It's high time we stopped getting grabbed, groped, fondled and slapped just for being women in public, and to do that we have to press charges against the people who do it to make them finally get the message and STOP. That's why we applaud Alex Bozarjian for filing charges against the asailant who did that to her on live television. 

Almost every woman I know has a story. I've been groped on a dance floor by someone I never knew. One woman, who had her breast grabbed by a man, reached down and grabbed his crotch in retaliation. He was disgusted--and so was his date! He demanded to know why, and she said if he could, so could she. I've read women comment about how this could ruin his life. Um, yes? He violated this woman and humiliated her on public TV because--why? He felt excited at the moment? If anyone should be looking out for this man's future, it should be this man. 

What other stories of women pressing charges against their attackers have you read about lately? Share them in the chat and keep enforcing those boundaries.

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