Pop Culture Detective is Must-See YouTube TV

Just be prepared to hate your favorite movies...

Recently my teen and I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called Pop Culture Detective, which analyzes pop culture, especially in regards toxic masculinity and misogyny. While I'm pretty much in love with it and think it should be mandatory viewing for basically everyone (but for people who watch a lot of movies/TV and play a lot of games in particular), I have to let you know that you may hate your favorites, even just a little, after you've watched some of these videos.

You might already acknowledge the misogyny and toxic masculinity in, say, The Notebook (my kiddo actually pointed it out to me) and Beauty and the Beast (still one of my faves), but what about The Fifth Element, Indiana Jones or one of my all-time favorites, Stardust? The point of the analysis isn't to make you hate these movies and TV shows, but to point out how problematic they are in our culture and how we need to move away from repeating these tropes. We should simply strive to make better media.

Take a look if you haven't already and let us know what you learned from this channel in the chat! Which video is your favorite?

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