Oppose Virginity Testing

This is disgusting

In a country where sex ed is practically forbidden unless it's abstinence-only, I guess it should be no surprise that so many people--men in particular, but women, too--actually think that not only is virginity a thing, but that it can be "proven" by an "intact" hymen. Just so we're clear:

1. Virginity is a social construct. It's not a medical condition.

2. Hymens vastly vary. Some uterus owners don't even have one. Some are partially-formed. Some are broken by riding a BIKE. No matter what, they're none of anybody's business save for the person whose body they are in.

This shouldn't need saying, but given that there are actually fathers who demand their daughters have their viriginity tested--including famous singers!--it certainly needs saying AND legislating. Hymens are not kids' fathers business and we need virginity testing to not be a thing anymore. Please sign this to help render it obsolete.

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