Ohio to Criminalize Abortion

It's unconstitutional and deadly for many women

I'd like to challenge every person who's against abortion to go volunteer at a clinic for just a single day. Go and listen to women tell their stories of heartache and heartbreak, hear the teens too young to be parents, the parents too old or sick to have more children and the terrified women whose lives could take dangerous turns during a pregnancy. Couple that with the harassment they receive at the hands of a bunch of protestors, who should be called terrorists and who are quite frequently mostly men, and see if you don't change your mind about what being pro-choice means. Pro-choice means pro-life for the living.

Ohio just passed an abortion ban in the House of Representatives that would not only outlaw abortion before a woman even knows she's pregnant, but even criminalize doctors who perform the procedure. Anyone who knows their history also knows that banning abortion doesn't stop it from happening; it only results in less safer abortions and butchered women dying. Condeming women to this fate while continuing to ignore the cause of pregnancy--men--seems to be the only thing many conservatives care about, and some are even calling for the death penalty for abortion, which makes them monsters. Period.

It is OUTRAGEOUS that we are still having to fight this battle in 2018. Let's hope if it makes it to the governor's desk the courts shut it down. Now that we've got Kavanaugh active it's a scary time that we live in.

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