No Women Comedians Nominated for Grammy Award

Why do comedians even get Grammys?

It seems weird that comedians should be awarded Grammy Awards in the first place. Maybe they should have their own comedian awards rather than being awarded just because they had an album made of their jokes and talking. I LOVE comedy, I love some comedians very much, but Grammys are supposed to be for music, right? If not, could anyone who read an audiobook or any politician who made a speech that was recorded also get a Grammy? it just seems funny, and not the comedic funny.

All of that said, it's ridiculous that out of this year's comedians, only men are being nominated for Grammy Awards. There haven't been many women winners in the comedy category over the years anyway, but this year there have been so many excellent specials, from Tig Notaro to Iliza Shlesinger, that had me laughing harder than Kevin Hart, Jim Gaffigan and many others ever have. I am all for Patton Oswalt's inclusion, as it had me in tears, but so did Hanna Gadsby's, which was possibly the greatest performance I've ever seen by a comedian, ever. And don't give me the bull about comedians not tackling serious issues; everyone from George Carlin to even Jim Jeffries has so that's not the issue here, is it? These women are funny. Ali Wong is funny. Nominate her for a Grammy if you're going to nominate comedian albums.

Do you think comedians should be nominated for Grammy Awards?

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