No Business For Anti-Abortion States

Hit them where it hurts

The United States government is currently at war on women. Several states have passed bills that limit abortion to six weeks, which is pretty much when women find out they are pregnant, and one state is even threatening women with the death penalty for having an abortion out-of-state. This is utter insanity. Not only does it put the lives of women at risk and set us back 100 years, it also makes women's bodie properties of their state--most notably in Georgia. They're also going to investigate miscarriages, which most women have at some point in their lives, to determine whether or not they involved "criminal activity."

At least two production companies are refusing to work in the state, pulling money and unfortunately jobs from the anti-abortion state until they stop trying to murder women for the sake of an embryo. As much as I loathe to say we need to punish people with job losses, I have to agree that I won't spend a dime in Georgia until this is reversed. Women are not animals. You're giving dead bodies, which aren't legally required to give up their own organs for donation, more rights than women. Make no mistake, this is a ploy to be heard by the Supreme Court, which is being stacked with anti-choice males set to overthrow Roe v. Wade.

Stand up to these cavemen. Don't give them a dime and make sure you vote them out. Send your ideas on how to subvert these archaic decisions in the chat.

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