Neil DeGrasse Tyson Addresses Accusers

It's a little disappointing

While popular scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has finally addressed the accusations of sexual harrasment and assault against him publicly after being accused years ago and, more recently, accused by multiple women, and many people find his accounts moving and refreshing since he's apologized for some of his behavior in a less condescending way than other men have, others are finding his remarks quite problematic. He's attempted to discredit one woman by attacking her personal beliefs, which she says she's turned to as a coping mechanism after her rape, and he said some pretty vitriolic things, like why should anyone believe him since he's the accused and he attacked the #metoo movement, not only calling it "me-too" but also saying that it ruins reputations, causes people to be condemned to be guilty by the public without evidence and other falsehoods. 

Mr. Tyson, have you not noticed that it's still possible to become a Supreme Court Justice after these accusations are made (and to lose your home by sharing your story)? Are you aware that most rapists never see a day in jail, and that those who do may only serve a few months even when there are multiple eyewitnesses to confirm the account? There are so many accused celebrities and politicians who remain untouched by the law that we could list them all day long yet here you stand, acting as if the perpetrators are the true victims. You say evidence matters? Absolutely, but how many rapes have any evidence, especially once the victim feels safe enough to come forward, if ever?

We need rational men of science on the side of women, especially in a time when our bodies aren't even considered our own and more judges threaten to take away our autonomy. I hope more of Tyson's fans don't share these same views, though after reading many of the comments on his statement I can see that most are "siding" with him despite the call for evidence to support either's claim.

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