NBC Protected Rapists

Sign the petition to demand they make sweeping changes

For a little while, it felt like we heard about a new predator every day during the beginnings of the #metoo movement, but we all know that none of this was new. Just as everything from xenophobia to racism has become easier to see by the light of social media, so too has sexism and violence against women. We also know that none of these cases exist within a void, and that somewhere along the line someone helped cover up happenings to protect not only celebrities but themselves--and in many cases, many someones.

That was the case with NBC, who blocked reporting on these issues and has stood in the way of justice being served, not to mention the public being informed, for years. Who knows how many women could have been protected had NBC done their job and pointed fingers at predators? Ultra Violet has a petition to fire those involved with the coverups and make sweeping changes to ensure this doesn't happen again. Please sign it and share it.

What other wyas to take action have you run across this week? Share your petitions and other actionable items in the chat.

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