Naming Racist White Women

What's your take?

From Cornerstore Carol to Barbecue Becky, white women are going viral with their racism and it's about time. Having excluded women of color from feminism and calling the police as if they're customer service for a long time, white women are now experiencing the backlash from their actions that they should have been experiencing all along, getting called out for their atrocious and inhuman behavior, sometimes even being fired from their jobs for their racist attitudes. Who stalks a man all the way to his own apartment even after he's used his own key to let himself in?

That said, some are of the opinion that we shouldn't christen these women with cutesy names, opting instead for their actual names to make sure they are associated with their crimes and the severity of their actions isn't lessened by the monikers. Others say that it's a great way to spoof them with "basic" white names that can then be used for memes and gaining more attention to the issue at hand.

I think there are merits to both ideas here; what do you think about naming white women who carry out racist acts on video?

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