Mother-Daughter Team

This is pure wholesome content right here

I'm not sure if I'll read anything else that makes me grin this big today. A mother and her daughter are working together as a pilot team and it gives me hope for this world--not because we should be flying, since flying unfortuantely isn't a green way to travel (is there any green way to travel aside from walking, really?), but because only 6% of pilots are women. This also proves that moms and daughters can get along together, which will delight the ears of many of my friends currently raising teens!

Only about 450 women in the world are captains right now, but the numbers of women in flight schools are increasing and it's exciting news. More diversity in any industry is good news, I think, and I hope that it continues in the sky as well as on the ground.

Have you heard of any uplifting news this week? Share it in the chat!

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