Moore Reminded That Women Aren't Angels

Nor should we be

As much of a fan of Michael Moore as I am, he's not correct when he maintains that women are all do-gooders who've never helped with war or destruction. It's true that men are mostly to blame but that's because they have most of the power. Women have had a hand in pure evil throughout time as well.

Recently a young woman named Jessica Ellis, a feminist and fan of Moore's, pointed this out when he said that no woman ever depleted the ozone, created a weapon of war, etc. on social media. She tweeted several examples to him, reminding him that we are complex beings and not angels to be revered, which actually detracts from our agency and renders us less than human. You can see all of her comments here.

Do you think that women are somehow more "moral" than men? Or are we just too busy with child-rearing or raised ourselves to be "nice" to get this typecast? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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