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When it's that time of the month (I call it Zuul's visit), things can get tricky. Sometimes the pain is so terrible I feel like I can't do anything, but working from home means you work through it, right? At least you can do it with a heating pad and no shoes or bra on if you like. Sometimes having a period throws everything off; anyone who's tried primitive camping on your menstrual cycle can attest to that! 

But there are lots of hacks to make it easier on you, whether you take comfort in certain foods or clothes, use heating strips or heated blankets (yesss), have a favorite pain reliever or another way to make it easier on yourself. I've tried to teach my teenager to really lay the self-care on thick during this week, especially if the cramps and feelings are heavy. We have a nice ritual where we make our favorite hot drink and just sip it for a few moments: they make cocoa, I make a London fog, lately. I also clear our schedule of things we absolutely don't have to do, like errands that can be done on day four or five, since one and two are our worst days. Luckily we're not synched up like we were a couple of years ago, but that does mean that nearly half the month has period stuff going on in our house!

What hacks do you use to deal with your period? I think the best I heard about was someone who was going somewhere where medicine wasn't allowed. They opened tampons, stuck in medicine, and glued them back! How do you deal with shark week?

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