Losing My Religion

Or How Feminism Makes Women Into Witches

From t-shirts about how feminism leads women to witchcraft to tweets about how men think it's trendy to be a witch right now (and women are schooling them about how maybe they're just rising up agasint the patiarchy, Kevin), there's plenty of evidence to support the rise in witchcraft, and why shouldn't there be? People have been practicing it for centuries, and today herbs are just as popular as ever. But the women schooling Kevin have a point: many women turn to it to go against the patriarchy, not to mention to reject any paternal religions they've been raised to follow throughout their lives.

Many religions treat women as secondary species, or man's "helpers," and there are even some conservative women who subscribe to those beliefs. That's just not okay with many modern women, however, and more and more seem to be shunning that way of life, getting married less, having fewer kids and waltzing to the beat of their own drum.

Do you have a story about why you left a religion? Do you subscribe to a more feminist religion? Share your stories in the chat.

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