Locking Up All the Women

It's an American tradition

How naive of us to think that states threatening to lock up women who have abortions are so out of line. Where would they get the idea that this is even remotely okay? Well, American history, of course. And I don't just mean men dumping their wives at the mental institution, or how women serve time for helping their husbands or boyfriends with illegal endeavors. I mean the American Plan, something that's still considered legal in all states, was regularly used up until the 1970s and was even supported by the ACLU during its inception!

This "plan" violated constitutional amendments, locking women up for "suspicious activity" like eating lunch alone, and called for sexually assaulting women to check them for STDs. The whole history of it can be found here and it's so upsetting, to say the least. It's also a forgotten part of history that literally just happened. So maybe as outrageous as today feels, we can find solace in knowing that we've always been hated and controlled because of our genitalia?

Nope, it's not helpful knowing this at all. Still, it is good to know. Have you come across any other unsettling laws like these? Share them in the chat.

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