Late Term Abortions

Do you even think before you judge?

Most of the people who are against abortion will never need one performed on their own body. That's a pretty disgusting fact but there it is; they're also the ones making laws against them. Then there are the women who can either easily have children without complications, got lucky when they had complications or judge other women based on their own religion, political ideology or husband's beliefs and we're really just tired of you ALL. You can all go home now, mmkay? Because the fact remains that NOBODY WANTS to have an abortion, and certainly not a late-term one. 

Late term abortions are done on women who desperately want their babies, who were pregnant all along and have nurseries painted and names picked out. Do you understand how heartbreaking it is to learn that your pregnancy is doomed, that you'll put yourself in danger to deliver a stillborn fetus or a baby that will suffocate to death and die painfully in your arms? Donald Trump likes to sneer that fetuses feel pain but he doesn't acknowledge that abortions try to lessen the pain that will be. He's also HAD to have paid for plenty of them himself in his life and his hypocritical actions are condemning women to die. I've been in the NICU with my infant who was born three months early and we both nearly died, and I listened to the mothers around me grieve while theirs died. You have NO idea what you're talking about.

Every time you shame a woman for abortion, keep in mind that almost a quarter of women have them by age 45, so it's quite likely that you're bad-mouthing someone you really care about who had to make the most difficult choice of her life. It's rather monstrous when you think about it so why don't you just shut it and learn about it from someone who actually understands what's going on.

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