Keep the Lechers Off the Air

Keep bodies out of sports talk while you're at it

Chloe Kim is an athlete. Chloe Kim is a teenager. Chloe Kim is NOT a piece of meat, but that's exactly how she was treated by Patrick Connor and other men on Sirius XM radio. To be fair, it's how most men given a microphone have treated women they talk about and have throughout time forever. (Did you hear about the Iranian-American fashion designer who went on a show to promote her work and was asked about bombs, for Pete's sake? Yes, because she's a bomb expert. But now we're crossing into racist territory in addition to sexist waters.)

This young woman is 17 and an impressive athletic talent, yet this man felt the need to call her some sexually charged name instead of offering her the admiration he'd award a male athlete. It's unbelieveable.

Men. Yoo hoo! Yes. Grownup men who still talk like they're 12-year-olds. Yes, you. Grow up. The good men of the world are sick of you making them look bad and women are sick of you, period.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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