Just Stop It

But how?

A few nights ago I was writing about sexual violence in films for a topic that was so disturbing to me that I had to get up and walk away several times. I ended up getting so sick, not just with thoughts of my own experiences of sexual violence but of so, so many others, that it carried over into the next day. Then I read a news story that was so disgustingly brutal about a man who raped an overdosed teen and left her to die while laughingly texting his friends about it and I felt immobile and so sick to my stomach I could barely do anything that day. I told everyone I was tired when in reality I was so disturbed that I just didn't know what to do. When I looked up the story to link it here, I ended up finding a totally different horrific story that's new.

I think most of us are ready to stop being a barbaric society where violence rules. What I want to know is HOW. Between video games, news, porn and substandard parenting, to say the least, I'm not sure modern kids are learning anymore more about respecting one another than our ancestors did. They seem to be more tolerant of people's differences but not of respecting life itself. How do we pull this off if we want to eradicate violence? Obviously I'm not advocating that we all become Furiosa... but what do we do?

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