The Impact of Kavanaugh

It might surprise you

You know what? It probably won't surprise you. Does anything surprise anyone after the age of 8 anymore? But studies show that Republicans who viewed the Kavanaugh hearings are experiencing the "Kavanaugh effect," which translates to them believing women less and engaging in more sexism as a result of the trial! This is absolutely outrageous. Will these people ever consider women equal to men?

The good news is that the Kavanaugh trials did help Democrats engage and possibly even win more seats, even if we did lose and poor Christine Blasey Ford had to suffer through so much hatred and cruelty--again--as a result of her courage in coming forward. That hotheaded man represents everything wrong with toxic masculinity and now he makes some of the most important decisions in our nation, and that pretty much sums up everything in this administration so far.

I'm not sure how we get Republicans to start seeing women as people, or to see that people in general need to be treated with respect. Does anyone have any ideas to share in the chat?

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