I Stand with Uma

Her rage is both warranted and understandable

Uma Thurman has been one of my most ardent crushes for many years. I've loved her long before her Beatrix Kiddo days but now that I know the pain she underwent to make what were some of my favorite films of all time I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to stomach them again. 

Thurman revealed what made her so angry about Weinstein (and Tarantino) recently and her story just makes me sick to my stomach. I cried so hard when I read what she endured to make a project that she loved--which is why I am having a hard time deciding whether to scrap my copies of Kill Bill. It was her baby; I love it for that and for her, but there's no way I can watch the fight with the Crazy 88, for example, knowing that Tarantino is strangling her. I am not about to watch anything else he makes from now on, either.

What did you think of Thurman's revelations? Post your thoughts in the chat.



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