Hypocrisy in Action?

Celebs who condemn sexual harassment need to walk their talk

If you caught the Golden Globes last week, you know that the Time's Up campaign was heavily featured between the actresses who wore black and took activists as their dates to the men who (didn't say much about the campaign, but...) wore pins as support. David Harbour actually pointed to his pin as if inviting to be asked about it but men simply weren't interviewed about the campaign. 

While many are hailing the celebrities' work to highight this issue (especially Oprah's incredible speech), some are pointing out that stars like Emma Stone still continue to work with sexual predators, and some stars who wore pins have been known to either commit acts or refuse to speak up for those who were harassed, like Justin Timberlake, who was silent when Janet Jackson's wardrobe "malfunctioned" due to his own actions. 

What do you think of celebs who claim to fight sexism in Hollywood yet still associate or perpetuate sexism themselves?

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