Hexing Kavanaugh

Is this a new hobby?

I know a lot of pagans, and none of them do "hexes" or use voodoo dolls. They do spells, but they're usually to attract money, lose weight, that sort of thing. The fact that so many paranoid conservatives think that witches are all "hexing" Brett Kavanaugh is simultaneously hilarious and disturbing--hilarious because, well, how could it not be, but disturbing because it speaks of how little we seem to have moved in this country since 1620. The women are speaking out against a rapist? They must be witches. 

Of course, now actual witches are hexing Frat Boy Brett, but it's a charity event raising money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. The people attending are simply meeting to meditate and cast spells against rape and patriarchy in general, not poking sticks into Brett voodoo dolls. That said, it's also to strike fear into the fundamentalists who support Kavanaugh, according to organizers who have received death threats over the gatherings.

Women, I hope you've got your polling places memorized for next month. And I hope white women will be standing with the women of color who seem to be the only major group who are pushing for progress, especially if the last presidential election says anything.

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