Is "Girls Mature Faster" Pure Baloney?

I'm leaning toward yes...

The old adage that girls mature faster than boys never seemed improbable to me. I was a first born daughter of three who was often mistaken as my sisters' parent, asked if I were going to college by age 10 and pretty much 50 years old by the time I was 14. I had no doubt that girls mature faster than boys.

And yet... My daughter is a bundle of energy and rambunctiousness at 12. I've run across memes like this one that insist that the adage is false, that it's simply that girls are punished for acting their age while boys are not, forcing them to grow up faste and police the actions of themselves and everyone around them while boys can continue to "indulge in the same behavior well into adulthood." The revelations here are profound. Is this really why we're all told girls mature faster? Because I've been around a lot of kids and they all physically mature at totally different rates and this makes total sense to me.

What do you think? Do you think girls are simply conditioned to act more mature more quickly?


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