Gender Equality Initiative

Spain's got the idea

Combatting stereotypes and promoting equality begins in childhood, and it has to be across the board--not just in the home, but in the schools, media and society at large. That's why we still have inequality in the first place. In Spain, one school is combatting gender stereotypes and promoting equality by ensuring that boys learn how to do household chores. 

Having taught in Spain, I think this is fantastic! I met lots of boys who were under the impression that chores were strictly women's work, especially in the Gitano culture. That's definitely an issue in more countries and cultures than just Spain--including America, where women still do the majority of household tasks even while working outside the home--and more schools could learn from this model. It's not only helpful in combatting stereotypes and pushing for equality, but also preparing these kids for life in general. How will any of them function as adults if they don't understand how to do chores, after all? 

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