Facebook "Subreddits"

They will make your life so much better

Did you know that Facebook has "subreddits" of its own? If you're not a Reddit user, subreddits are lists branching off of an original topic that link to more specialized, specific topics. They can be a bit harder to find, but once you see them they may bring more joy into your life. For example, the feminist page Beauty Is Inside often posts about relevant topics of the day that can be rather depressing, especially if you identify as a woman. Once you enter the comment section, however, many subversive users are creating their own "subreddits" to share memes and humor to cope with the issues at hand.

For example, many people are sharing posts about how some men can't seem to identify the differnce between toxic masculinity and masculinity (we hope they can tell the difference between a toxic frog and regular frog). Many people have started sub-groups about just these topics and the memes are so spot-on they have me laughing and crying at the same time.

Have you stumbled into this world yet? What incredible mini groups have you come across?

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