Every Sperm Is Sacred

And it's about time

Do women really think that men need to report every sperm lost through ejaculation, whether it be via masturbation or sex, to the authorities? Absolutely not. What a waste of time and money! But the bill presented by five members of the House of Representatives in Georgia, all of them women, calls for this mandatory reporting in retaliation of bills that further limit a woman's right to her own bodily autonomy.

Jokes about bills like this have circulated the Internet for years, and all uterus owners know they'd never be passed, especially in a men-dominated patriarchal government that harms all genders. The thing is, pregnancy doesn't occur when a woman experiences an orgasm but when a man does, so why is it that the onus of preventing, carrying out and living with the consequences of pregnancy, whether wanted or not, fall upon women while men are the people who continue to regulate the uterus? After all, women can only have one child a year, while a man can impregnate potentially hundreds of women.

It's about time the tables were turned and until men are willing to stop impregnating women who don't want to be pregnant, maybe they really should have their sperm regulated, especially if lawmakers find potential life so sacred in the first place.

What other forms of legislation should we push for in order to make things a bit more equitable?

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