Equal Pay Day

When will this day no longer be necessary?

Another day, another 70 cents per dollar, another few months of pay less than a man's pay for the same work done--and much less if you are a woman of color. When will Equal Pay Day no longe be necessary in this country? Did you know that women lose more than $900 billion annually because of the wage gap? Can you imagine how much better our economy would be if women were paid fairly? 

The same goes for all workers. Only a handful of people make the majority of wealth in the world; in fact, only 8 men are known to make more than half the world's pay. It's pretty obscene to see these people making over $400 billion annually while so many work multiple jobs to get by.

Click here to tell Congress what you think of the wage gap. Then think about not only who you vote for and what they support but running for election yourself!


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