Enough with the Unpaid Work

It's exhausting

The next time I hear a dude whine about how there's no pay gap... You know what? There's worse than a pay gap. There's the unpaid work that women do, and it's downright exhausting. Everything from volunteering to do the things nobody wants to do at work just because they need to get done, to the mental load at home (everything from permission slips to grocery lists to knowing what needs to be cleaned, who needs to be where, what needs to be packed...) to majority of chores and child-raising on top of work at home... are you kidding me? The gap is so much bigger than it seems.

Every married woman I know is exhausted. There's a reason married men live longer and single women live longer. Single women take care of themselves; married women take care of their families and let their own health suffer. The single women I know actually have leisure time and do interesting things. "It's a choice!" people say, and they are right, but we have no idea what the choice will mean and how different our lives are until our man becomes our child and our children become our lives.

Research this stuff. Learn about it. If you're a woman, push for better in your life, your job. If you're not, but you're a partner, try to do more without asking what needs to be done like your woman is the house manager. 

Share how you feel about unpaid work and the mental load in the chat.

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