Ectopic Pregnancies Are Not Viable!

What is WRONG with these politicians?

Ohio is at it again with their war on women. This time they are legislating death sentences and heartache by ordering doctors to "re-implant" ectopic pregnancies or be charged with "abortion murder." You guys... we can't make this stuff up, and if it weren't so devastating, frightening and horrific, it would be hilarious. These politicians are NOT doctors and they do NOT understand. 

Ectopic pregnancies are not viable. The end. Women who desperately want babies are heartbroken when they lose them this way. Not only is the procedure that politicians are demanding medically impossible, but they're putting women's health at risk even more by demanding it. Ectopic pregnancies cause death! Doctors have told them it's not possible, so now they say they're just going to have to go to jail for fulfilling their duties in saving their patients' lives. This is some messed up Medieval bull here.

I am SO sick of these idiots who don't understand medicine trying to legislate medicine. PLEASE vote them out their next term and please share which politicians to target with your protests. In this case, we're looking at Candace Keller and Ron Hood and 19 members of Ohio's House. Please be sure to campaign for and donate to their opponents, and definitely vote these dangerous people out of office before they're allowed to kill more people.

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